How It Works

DESIGNATED RIDE HOME is a Vancouver based organization offering a superior, cost effective service to get you home safely with your vehicle, following an evening or night out.

We understand the convenience of driving yourself to that golf game, dinner date, wedding, or after work drink:

  • You can leave for the event when you are ready and have control over your arrival time
  • You may need to stop on the way to collect items for the event
  • Friends may have asked for a ride
  • The venue may be off the beaten track

We also understand the many reasons why leaving your car at the venue may not be ideal:

  • Your car could get ticketed
  • Pay parking could be costly
  • It could get broken into
  • You need your car for work the following day

Whatever the reason, we can be your designated driver and get you home safe with your vehicle.

Your time is valuable; why waste it by having to go back and get your car at a later date, not to mention spending money on a second cab fare to retrieve it?

Call us and we will send a designated driver to you. Our driver drives you and your passengers to your desired destination in your own vehicle. Or, our driver can drive just your car home and place your keys in a prearranged location. Our designated drivers are friendly and capable of driving your vehicle, whether it be manual or automatic. We strive to be your best alternative in a safe trip home. Once at your desired destination your chase driver will report the distance you have traveled and you can conveniently pay by credit, debit, or cash.

Contact us to book your safe ride home today!